Have You Got The Right Life Balance?

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Too much of one thing can be damaging. In any aspect of our life. 

We are all human, we all like a the odd bit of cake, a cold beer or a cheeky slice of your fave pizza.

So when your fitness intructor or yoga teacher informs you that you that the recommended plan is vegan or theres no alcohol allowed. Its make socialising and eating out a nightmare. You get frustrated , You could maybe do it for  a short amount of time, then boom..... you'd fall off the plan and binge. Its not maintainable. 

Thats why here at the Life Lab HQ our ethos is Balance.

We encourge the idea that Its not a sprint its a marathon. We help you establish a healthy balanced lifestyle that doesnt make you feel guilty for the odd night out, a few drinks or dinner with friends. 

If you train hard every day your body will burn out and could be suseptable to injury. 
if you work in a stresssful environment and never allow your mind time to switch off , you will become anxious and stressed. 

Equally if you drink every day , your health would deterirote. 

Thats why we recommend a tailored plan to suit your mind, body and lifestyle.

Image by Jason Yoder